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InCider Info – Hudson Valley Peach Smash by King’s Highway Fine Cider

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I have been a long fan of King’s Highway Fine Cider for a myriad of reasons, but my top two are that they are local to where I grew up – I grew up about 15 minutes away from Millerton, NY! – and that their ciders boast NO SUGAR! They’re break down how and why …

InCider Info – Rosé by Peak Organic Brewing Co.

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Though the ratings for this on Untappd are rather low – the average is only a 2.8! – I have found myself gravitating towards it on these hotter summer evenings. Produced by the Peak Organic Brewing Co., this is a wonderful combination of rosé + organic dry cider. Some people have complained on Untappd about …

InCider Info – Guava Cider by Ace Cider (The California Cider Co.)

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Welcome to my first edition of InCider Info, a feature within Seek Satiation where I will share some of my favorite hard ciders! (And if you still choose to stick with me despite this deliciously horrible pun, you’re a real one. Ha!) Though I largely lean towards a drier and / or sour cider on …