About Allison

Allison is a Connecticut-bred & Manhattan-living Millennial with a penchant for great meals, captivating & photo-worthy food styling, recipe development, promoting amazing brands that have a story to tell, and juicy food writing. The term “influencer” makes her cringe, as she aims to rise above such a label by the culinary content – both tangible & intangible – she creates.

An analyst at a top NYC hospital by day with a Masters of Science in Communications & Information Management, her evenings and weekends – and, yes, an occasional weekday lunch break if time allows – are often filled to the brim with all things FOOD.

In her spare time that does not involve meticulously getting natural light to illuminate her avocado toast just right, she loves to attempt using weights at the gym (albeit awkwardly), flex her 90s-era “Simpsons” knowledge, sing along with Ariana Grande songs roughly 87% on-key, and absorb as many politically-minded podcasts as she can.

If you would like to work or collaborate with Allison on promoting your brand or restaurant, would like to discuss recipe development, or just want to say “Hey!”, please contact her here!