About Allison

Allison is a Connecticut-bred & Manhattan-living Asplenic Geriatric Millennial with a penchant for seeking out great meals, creating photo-worthy food styling, jumping into recipe development, promoting amazing brands that have a unique story to tell, and crafting expressive food writing. The term “iNfLueNcEr” makes her cringe, as she aims to rise above such a label by the culinary content – both tangible & intangible – she creates.

While working on her MS of Communications & Information Management, she started Seek Satiation on Twitter in 2013 as an outlet for her food photos, and this was way before Instagram blew up! What started as a hobby turned into a side hustle. Her interests go beyond what might look good on Instagram; she has long been interested in food insecurity issues – she has been a volunteer for Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen in Chelsea since 2018 and regularly supplies local community fridges – as well as promoting food businesses that focus on women, minority, and / or LGBTQ+ ownership.

Her 9 – 5 has been spent working at a major NYC hospital since 2009; after spending more than 12 years working in Infection Prevention & Control – in both staff education & data analyst roles – she has recently ventured into a Project Lead role; she’s glad to leave the analytics to someone else! In her spare time that does not involve meticulously getting natural light to illuminate her avocado toast just right, she loves to flex her exorbitant 90s-era “Simpsons” knowledge and will boldly scold anyone that states a quote incorrectly, sing along with Ariana Grande songs roughly 87% on-key, find unique hard ciders, clock in 10k+ steps each day, and absorb as many politically-minded books & podcasts as she can.

If you would like to work or collaborate with Allison on promoting your brand or restaurant or just want to say “Hey!”, please contact her here.

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