In-Cider Info: Hard Cider Recommendations

I love a good hard cider. As someone that has an allergy to Brewer’s Yeast – and I will kindly spare you the details on how I found that out – I’ve turned to hard cider as my go-to alcohol when I choose to imbibe, since I cannot drink beer. When I first moved to NYC in 2009, many of the bars my friends picked had a large beer selection, but perhaps one cider on the menu if I was lucky. It was either a Magner’s or a Woodchuck; the former I’ll always have a nostalgic fondness for but will only choose it it’s my last option, and the latter still produces Amber, which still ranks as one of my favorite sweeter ciders.

The craft cider industry has really blown up in 2009, and I enjoy seeking out new ones as well as indulging in my comfortable favorites.

I hope you will take some time to enjoy some of these as much as I have!

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