Where To Eat In Washington Heights Near the George Washington Bridge

It feels good to be back uptown.

Earlier this year, I moved back up to Washington Heights, just around the corner from the George Washington Bridge; in fact, I’m two blocks away from an apartment that I lived in from 2010 – 2014, and from 2010 – 2012, I lived there with two other women named Al(l)ison. You can’t make this up. My nickname of “A3” occasionally pops up in chats with one of the two!

But! I digress. Let’s talk food.

The area of Washington Heights close to the George Washington Bridge is one – of – a kind, the section north and west of 181st and Fort Washington Avenue forms its own unique enclave overlooking the Hudson River. Many folks refer to it as Hudson Heights, a polarizing term coined in the early 1990s that many called a harbinger of gentrification; I’ll let y’all be the judge of that. When people ask me where I live, I proudly say “Washington Heights”, though I have used the “Hudson Heights” geotag on my Instagram photos . (Don’t worry, I’ve had unsolicited Instagram DMs from strangers about this before…😏) I encourage you to scroll through the history of this neighborhood, once also known as Frankfort – on – the – Hudson, because who doesn’t love getting sucked into a good Wikipedia wormhole?

Regardless of what you call this neighborhood, the food up here is amazing. There is something to satisfy any palate. Unfortunately, I feel so many of these wonderful spots are not on people’s larger radars. How many times have I told folks that they can take the A to 181st and have Dominican food, French food, Irish food, ramen, pizza from Grubhub’s Most Ordered-From Pizza Restaurant in America, luscious baked goods, Ethiopian-sourced coffee, exquisite craft cocktails, and housemade pasta from one of the city’s best Italian restaurants? Innumerable, and when I say it, I get the usual:

“That’s so far uptown!”

Then I’ll see them post a photo of themselves in Bushwick after taking the 6 to the G to the L to get there.

Just get on the damn A Train, lest you miss out.

Where To Eat In Washington Heights Near the George Washington Bridge

(Last Updated: May 1st, 2023)

Bennett Avenue

Fort Washington Avenue

Pinehurst Avenue

West 181st Street, East of Fort Washington Avenue

West 181st Street, West of Fort Washington Avenue

West 187th Street, West of Fort Washington Avenue

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