I feel like I should have done a grandiose “2021 Year in Review!” blog post weeks ago, full of accomplishments and lessons learned in the realm of food blogging.

I was too focused on too many other things to make conscious food blogging decisions throughout 2021. Let’s be honest. Ha!

I shared a few recipes, managed to increase my website traffic by some miracle with minimal effort, made a solid four figures in supplemental income from just three collaborations (two of them were even with brands I liked… 😆), and kept my head on while starting a few position at my hospital remotely while doing my previous infection control data role and current project lead role concurrently for roughly six months. 

I’ve got no gems or true wisdom to share, I’m just glad I’m still here, sane enough to whip up this post. 😂

This labradoodle coat From Lucky Brand was my favorite Pandemic Purchase, with this iced chai coming in at a close second. 💁🏻‍♀️

However, “spark” is my word for 2022, and I think I’ll have my spark again in the coming months. I’ll soon have a space to cook, photograph, and create unencumbered, and I think having my autonomy back is going to make a huge difference. I’m not looking to move mountains and hustle with dozens of campaigns, but I am happy I have a space larger than 3′ x 3′ to work in soon with ample natural light so I can show off avocado toasts once agin. (Remind me, is this 2022 or 2017? Haaa…)

Here are a few highlights from 2021, where I was actually able to grab an outdoor drink with friends every now and then and still managed to avoid COVID despite being directly exposed to Omicron a few times in December. (Gotta love the “new normal”, awful phrase be damned!)

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