I’m preaching to the choir here: this is going to be a unique holiday season to navigate in the face of this coronavirus pandemic. Best practice indicates to largely stay away from people outside of our own households, so there should ideally be no gathering around the Christmas tree or lighting the menorah with our loved ones out of town, or even across town.

In my opinion, the best gift we can give to the ones we love this holiday season is the gift of literal physical space as COVID cases continue to climb, to know we love each other and are willing to not put anyone in harm’s way by potentially spreading this coronavirus. I’ve already told my parents I likely will not be staying home for Christmas, and they understand – thank you, Mom & Dad, for being logical science-understanders! – because even if I stay inside all day from now until a few days before Christmas, get swabbed, and quarantine until I get a negative result back, I live with people that work outside of our apartment, one of whom is patient-facing. I’m definitely not in a hermetically-sealed bubble and am always at risk of catching it even if I’m being careful, ya know? (Unless I can get a toilet, sink, mini-fridge, and hot plate in my bedroom and live college dorm-style for the next twenty-four days…) There is no point in putting my parents in a position to catch it from me just for the sake of having a “normal Christmas” in Connecticut for a few days, oy!

If all goes well, the holiday seasons of 2021 and beyond will be much more “normal”, and I have great faith that we can hold on until then.

In this same vein of seeing how the pandemic has affected us all, it has affected businesses, from ones in large cities down to ones in bucolic small towns. Wouldn’t it be nice to support them while finding a wonderful gift or two to send a loved one we cannot see in person this year? Let us continue to support local businesses, Black-owned businesses, minority-owned businesses, and women-owned businesses this holiday season and beyond, no matter where you live.

There are so many wonderful NYC-based food & drink brands that I have connected with over the years – and a few of them that I’ve included may be slightly be outside of the immediate confines of the five boroughs, but I had to include them! – and I am excited to share this list. Some goods are available only locally, while others can ship their goods nationwide! Please support them, whether it’s purchasing from them or simply sharing this post with others. ❤️

(And yes, the dessert list is the longest. No need to mention it. Ha!)

NOTE: All food and drink items below have been personally vetted by me; i.e.: I have consumed from every business mentioned below! This list could – of course – be greatly extended, but I am posting regarding brand I have tried, enjoyed, and purchase from.

AND ALSO: Certain business may not ship to all states, and some businesses only deliver within the NYC Metro Area; I’ve noted this where necessary, but *please inquire with businesses directly* if you have further questions about pick-up, delivery, or shipping.

NYC Food & Drink Brands – A 2020 Holiday Guide!

NYC Alcohol Brands

NYC Beverage Brands

NYC Dessert Brands

NYC Condiment Brands

4 Comments on “NYC Food & Drink Brands- A 2020 Holiday Guide!”

  1. This is a wonderful edition dearest Allison…Dad and I are hoping for a few of these delectables to fill in for your absence this year. We hope all families heed your advice and stay safe and at home this holiday.

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