A Lovely April Update!

I feel like a change is a’comin’.

I think it’ll be a good one!

Though my background in project management is limited, I know that projects have scopes, and, on occasion, those scopes can change during its course.

My original scope of Seek Satiation – both the blog and my Instagram feed – was to be strictly recipes I created. For the blog, that has been pretty consistent. For the Instagram, that has absolutely morphed. It has become an amalgamation of photos of my own recipes, recipes I’ve made for other outlets – heyyyy, Candace! – and photography of food PR events I’ve become involved with over the past few years.

Any blog owner wants their audience to continue to remain engaged. Though my single-serve shakshuka recipe still keeps my traffic consistent – bless that recipe, HA! – I still want interesting content for both my regular readers and people that stumble across this lil’ thing. One thing that shocks me is how often a friend will mention that they do like *insert recipe here* from this blog, or how they can’t wait for a new recipe to be posted! It’s humbling, but almost puts a modicum of pressure upon me to log onto WordPress with some fresh stuff! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It is not easy to run a food blog on the side if you have a full-time 9 – 5 job like I do, and though some people can pay the bills with their food blogging, that ain’t happening with me. (Well, at least until food blogging can provide me with comprehensive health insurance, a 401k, and pension, AND a living wage! 😆) Instagram is seemingly easier to update with new non-recipe-related content…so…

I’m going to take a stab at adding occasional restaurant and product reviews here!

Astako Makaronada

Because I’m all about that Astako Makaronada from Voula NYC.

I took a poll on Instagram Stories – because I like to keep things as statistically correct as possible, clearly – and it seems like most of y’all would be amenable to this new content! YAY! 85% said “YASSS!” to new non-recipe content, and 69% said that restaurant content would be preferred over product content. I’d likely do both, but it’s good to know where the consensus lies.

Nothing I plan to post will be too outside of my own personal scope of what I do and don’t like – if Frito-Lay offered to pay off my student loans to review their newest type of Doritos, I’d sadly decline, though later kick myself for it – but I’m excited to see what new content I can share will y’all.

Boba Guys

And I also love a good bubble tea from Boba Guys!

I just hope you like it, and feedback is always welcomed!

Stay hungry!

Happy Thursday!

– Al



A Lovely March Update!

Well, hello, hello, fellow Satiation Seekers!

I always like to do a mini-update when I haven’t posted a recipe for a while, though those of you that follow me on social media know that I’ve been anything but idle!

Right now:

1.) I am starting a volunteer role with Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, located in Chelsea in Manhattan, to promote and raise funds for their 6th Annual #FarmToTray Event on May 17th! Being able to use my social media presence to promote such a worthy cause makes me feel overjoyed, and in addition to this, I hope that I can continue to use my that presence to promote other worthwhile causes in the future. It’s a true honor to be on their Media Committee. Be sure you’re following me on Instagram – @seeksatiation – for content regarding that in the next few weeks!

2.) As always, I’m making recipes for Yoga By Candace. I always find joy and growth writing for other audiences that aren’t my own, and I love how she challenges me to think outside of the box a bit. “Can you make healthy donuts?” Girl, let me know you what I can do. Ha! 😂 Continue to visit her site and check out some of my recipes there!

FYI: I made a really tasty Ground Beef & Kale Stew for her a few weeks ago, perfect for a late winter snowy day!

3.) On Instagram, you can see I’ve been checking out a lot of new spots over the course of the winter – from biang biang inside of comforting Taiwanese Beef Soup to damn delicious biscuits and butters courtesy of The Bronx Public and my good friend Em, I continue to support all of the wonderful culinary folks doing their damn thing in this wonderful city of ours.

So I’ll see y’all soon! I’m going to have some time to craft some Seek Satiation-specific recipes in the end of March, so keep those eyes peeled!

Peace, loves.

– Allison

husk cherry scones

Seek Satiation – 2017 in Review!


Political turmoil aside in our good ol’ U.S. of A – haaaa – I’d like to think that this has been a positive year for Seek Satiation in terms of both the blog AND my Instagram feed. This past year, I have increased both my views and visitors again!

  • In 2015, I had 5,673 views and 3,925 visitors.
  • In 2016, I had 12,578 views and 8,250 visitors.
  • In 2017, I had 22,932 views and 17,410 visitors!

Not too shabby for a little po’dunk food blog amongst millions of others!

I must say, my little single-serve Shakshuka recipe is what keeps bringing all of the boys to the yard. Since I posted it on March 5th, 2016, it has amassed 12,052 views – 10,250 in 2017 alone – with an average of 28 visits to that recipe per day. This recipe has been featured on Greatist and PureWow, both of which filled me with a lot of pride! Who woulda thought…

I have had companies reach out to me to do collaborations, which has been very exciting. I have learned about and used products from Tossware, Runamok Maple, Fix Hot Sauce, Kiss Me Organics, and other awesome companies that I have loved and continue to use and promote!

I took an amazing photography class on flatlay design this past autumn, hosted by some NYC-based experts in the field. Rosanna – NYC Food Muse and Karina Munoz taught us students valuable food styling and design skills that definitely left me feeling more confident and creatively inspired.

My biggest struggle – at least in my mind – when it comes to Seek Satiation’s Instagram feed is the cooking aspect vs. the dining out aspect. I am a girl that LOVES to eat out when she can! Honestly, being a member of the Yelp Elite Squad for years is what made me some of my friends here in NYC. When developing the aesthetic of my Instagram, I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to be strictly recipe-related or if I wanted it to be all-encompassing of my foodie journey. After being noticed by some local PR agencies from the city and joining the ranks of food influencers via Palate Connect, I did change the tag line in my IG’s bio to this truth: Thoughtfully curating culinary love. Truly, no matter the platform, that’s my MO.

As always, I am thankful to Candace for taking me under her wing and allowing me to stretch and grow when it comes to recipe development, food photography, and food writing for Yoga By Candace! I can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring regarding that! In turn, I might need to practice my best poses; I can barely do Downward-Facing Dog. Ha!

Goals for 2018:

  • A long overdue site redesign! Looking for a splash page and gallery instead of just landing on my homemade and scrolling down to see five entries. Truth be told, when I first threw this site together in 2015, I said, “I’ll change this in a few weeks!” A few weeks ended up being about 150 weeks, give or take. Haaa.
  • UTILIZE PINTEREST! OH, sweet baby Jesus, I NEED to utilize Pinterest! My reasoning for not doing it more often is simple: sheer laziness. Ha! I need to get off of my lazy ass and just do it. A lot of my recipes (such as the shakshuka!) that I did put on Pinterest do draw traffic…sooooo…do it, girl! Do it!
  • More features on both my blog and IG of NYC-based food bloggers and influencers, showcasing collaborative cooking and photography.
  • Post 2 – 3 recipes per month on here. I am now hip to the fact that, as a person that has a full-time job that is not food blogging – dammit – I don’t need to feel pressured to produce multiple posts per week. As long as I stay consistent and the quality is good, that’s all that matters.
  • Learn how to use my new Sony a6000 camera and not feel bad for cheating on Canon. Ha!

As always, thanks for coming along on this journey with me. I am always surprised, humbled, and inspired by what food blogging has done for my life over the past few years, and I hope it continues, if I can be mushy AF for a minute…and I will be. Haaa.

Oh, and here is a junky Instagram photo of me eating Ns4 at Xi’an Famous Foods for lunch today, because New Year’s Day. Ha!


Peace. ✌️

-Allison 💞

classic gazpacho avocado mango

Classic Gazpacho with Avocado & Mango


What’ s up, my bebes?

If you’ve been following my Instagram ( @seeksatiation ), you know that I’m not dead. Conversely, I’m quite alive and kickin’! I’ve been taking a blogging break, and it’s been quite lovely. Since I work that typical Monday through Friday 9 to 5 grind, my recipe development takes place on the weekends; some weekends, though, I’d love to relax. I’ve been allowing myself to do that, and it’s been lovely! I’ve been reading THIS book and THAT book. I’ve been going to the gym. (Hell, I’ve lost 10 pounds and can now lift 30 pounds, which is a damn lot for my little chicken arms. Ha!) I’ve watched “Glow“. (I LOVE Marc Maron & Alison Brie!) I’ve been doing my usual food writing for Candace’s site. I’ve been attending fun events by Palate Connect. I’ve gone to a few Yankees games, which…they’ve all lost. Am I bad luck? Perhaps…perhaps…

So, yes! I’ve been having a nice few weekends to myself!

Coming in August, I’m hoping to launch back into the blog; this fall, I’m hoping to give it a sexy little makeover as well!

In the meantime, check out the newest recipe I did for Yoga By Candace: Classic Gazpacho with Avocados & Mango. I’m tellin’ ya, avocado in gazpacho is wonderful, but it’s the mango that truly brings this recipe to the next level. Its sweetness counters the acidity of the tomatoes beautifully.

classic gazpacho avocado mango

CLICK THIS LINK to be transported to what may surely be a summer staple in your kitchen!

Catch y’all in August with some new original recipes for Seek Satiation! 🙂

classic gazpacho avocado mango


New Recipes – Coming September 20th!

Hey, all! I hate to leave you guys in a lurch, thinking, “Gee. Allison hasn’t posted in a while!”

Well, as any New Yorker knows, things happen in our apartments that are a bit out of our control.

What’s out of my control at this moment?

There is a bit of a roach infestation in my kitchen, so about 95% of my cooking items are packed away, inclusive of baking ware, most dishes, and a lot of perishable baking items. I’m waiting for an exterminator to come this week to rectify this situation.

This is what happens when you live in a building circa 1929 that has been renovated, yet the renovators paid no mind to properly seal up cracks behind your sink and stove. Haaa.

This weekend, I am lucky enough to be going to Connecticut for a two day photography job; I am hoping to bang out two or three recipes using my parents’ vermin-free kitchen and wonderful natural lighting while I’m up there!

I’m too concrete and feel it’s necessary to post why there hasn’t been a new recipe posted in nine days and why there won’t be a recipe for another week. Ha!

Bear with me, my lovely followers. I’ll be helping you stuff your faces again before you know it! Please following along on Instagram for my continual gastronomic pornography, and if you have Snapchat, my username is allisonac84; I will warn you, it’s food photos mixed with the personal random musings of my life. If you enjoy seeing people lip sync bad pop songs using the deer filter, you may like my feed. Ha!

In the mean time, I’ma just be sippin’ iced matchas and enjoying this late summer weather.

Well, I might go to work at some point, too. I’m sure my bosses would appreciate that.

Peace, love, and Happy Monday, y’all!

– Allison 🙂