About This Allison Gal


I am Allison, the granddaughter of both a restaurateur and a filmmaker, respectively. I feel that it is truly ingrained to my DNA to one, love cooking food, and two, choose to visually document it.

Once upon a time, I had a dream. At about the age of eight, I decided I wanted to cook for a living. Granted, by that age, I had also wanted to be a nurse, an artist, a secretary, a meteorologist, and a Dirty Dancer, but “chef” seemed to stick with me for quite a long time. I loved listening to my mother tell stories about my Grandpa Johnny’s old restaurant and how my Italian great-grandmother used to make roughly a dozen pies a day for him over the course of four decades. I delighted over trying duck pizza with my dad’s parents at St. Andrew’s Cafe at the Culinary Institute of America. I marveled at my Nana Peg’s chocolate sauces, my grandma Mamie’s schaum tortes and Vichyssoise, and my Nana Fracaro’s homemade chicken soups and risottos.

1st birthday

Me, on my 1st birthday, October 11th, 1985. I still eat my food like this.

As I approached my post-high school years, I excitedly applied to various culinary schools. In addition, I scored a sous chef internship at a small bistro, located in my hometown in Northwestern Connecticut. Then…I had a reality check. It was August 18th, 2001. I was in Burlington, Vermont, visiting the New England Culinary Institute with my mother. (So young, so idealistic.) Upon said visit, I became extremely dismayed with the courses and work loads, querying my decisions and not keen to the idea of attending a weekly baking science class from 1 a.m – 5 a.m. By the end of 2001, my work in that bistro’s kitchen opened my eyes to what my future could be, and I did not picture myself in a restaurant anymore. I dramatically cried my then-seventeen year old eyes out, not sure what I’d do with my life, convinced I had failed and would go nowhere. (Seventeen = dramatic. Everything was the be-all, end-all at that juncture.) I turned down two culinary schools I had been accepted to and opted for a small all-women’s liberal arts college in Massachusetts. After graduating with my BA in Liberal Studies in 2006, I worked for two+ years as an assistant office manager at a small start-up real estate brokerage in Salisbury, Connecticut. In 2009, I landed a position as a data collector and staff educator for the Department of Infection Prevention & Control at a major New York City teaching hospital. Finally, I returned to my undergrad alma mater, Bay Path, and, via the convenient wonder of online higher education, achieved my Masters of Science in Communication & Information Management in 2014. I currently spend my days as a data analyst for that same hospital department, despite the fact that numbers and I are, at times, like oil and water.

See? Those childhood dreams don’t always pan out. That’s not to say you can’t go for a variation of it years later.


At the end of the day, I am just another Millennial female that loves to cook and loves to photograph the end result. I no longer worry about my next door neighbors being able to look in my kitchen window, silently scratching their heads while I’m adjusting lights, food items, and decorative kitchen towels for a perfect shot. When I’m not painstakingly photographing yet another homemade chia pudding in my kitchen, I am engaged in one of the follow activities: awkwardly attempting HIIT exercies at the gym while listening to copious amounts of Run The Jewels, finding the next awesome restaurant to Instagram about with like-minded compadres, viciously correcting anyone who misquotes episodes of “The Simpsons” prior to Season 10, asking this random guy I’ve known for a few years to get me some Cabot cheddar and saltines followed by a shoulder rub, reading books about absurd medical facts and biological warfare, and wishing that “Broad City” was a universe I actually existed in.

Unlike most food bloggers, I am not a chocoholic, not a hardcore wine lover, nor religious in any way, though I hope those facts will not deter you from sticking around.

Do you care to seek satiation with me?

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