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There is a cidery within 30 minutes of my parents house, and I’m just…just…beside myself. 🥺❤️

I honestly stumbled upon Little Apple Cidery on happenstance: One of my aunts lives about a mile up the road from there, in Hillsdale, NY. While paying her a socially-distanced visit this past Labor Day weekend, I saw a sign at the intersection of Route 22 and Hunt Road about L.A.C. I did a double-take! I knew I had to stop by on my way back home, and, indeed, I’m sure you can conclude this story on your own. Y’all are smart folks!

Nestled into the rolling hills just east of the Catskills yet west of the Berkshires, L.A.C. is a gorgeous orchard with a recently-opened outdoor Orchard Bar, serving small snacks, their multiple varieties of cider, as well as local beers from Roe Jan Brewing Company. As much as I wanted to sit and stay – another time! – I could tell my parents were itching a little to get home, so I picked up two bottles to go. The first was this Orchard Reserve Heirloom Cider, while I also picked up a bottle of their Nobeltown Bourbon; with the latter’s ABV of 9.9%, I’m saving that for a special occasion – or perhaps after a hard day at work! – and will report back at a later date.

Ciders from Little Apple Cidery

This cider is made from apples grown exclusively at the orchard – which is NOFA-NY Certified Organic, by the by – and boast notes of lemon and fennal with a bright acidity, according to their website. I am inclined to agree! It was a perfect balance of dry, acidic, yet juicy. I could smell the acid as I brought my nose to the glass each sip, which I’m a fan of. I drank about 75% of the bottle myself one evening before realizing…OOP! Ha! In other words, it’s a cider that goes down easily.

If you’re up in Columbia County, NY, or perhaps nearby in the Berkshires or the Catskills, cruise on to L.A.C. for their very special cider offerings.

Orchard Reserve Heirloom Cider from Little Apple Cidery.

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