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I will occasionally veer from the scope of ciders to other hard beverages that I enjoy. Beers? Never, because this Brewer’s Yeast allergy is for REAL, y’all! Hard seltzers? The jury is still out, because I’ve never found one I’ve truly enjoyed and would ever drink again. (Is that unicorn out there somewhere?) I’ve had my share of hard kombuchas, some I’ve enjoyed and others I could leave behind.

But THIS hard kombuchas, this was nothing short of an absolute delight, and I feel the need to shout it from the rooftops! Well, I suppose this website will do.

I’ve long been a kombucha fan, even if my first experiences with kombucha were less than pleasant: I’ll always think that GT’s Kombucha tastes like stomach acid, and there is no way you can change my mind. 😆 Still, I’ve been loyal to brands such as Health-Ade and Bear’s Fruit Kombucha over the years. Hard varieties don’t always hit the mark, but I have tried a few June Shine flavors, and I have always been eager to try more. It’s a consistently good brand.

On the other hand, I love my matcha as well! MatchaBar has long been a fixture in New York City – I still remember when they opened their original Williamsburg location way back when! – and to see them do this collaboration got me excited! Upon further research, I read how this collaboration came about to celebrate Earth Day and to take actionable steps through its production and sales, more of which you can read in this article. Matcha + kombucha x actionable ways to save the planet = Allison is SOLD.

Coconut Ginger Matcha Hard Kombucha by June Shine x Matchabar
Coconut Ginger Matcha Hard Kombucha by June Shine x Matchabar

This is the greenest alcoholic beverage I believe I’ve ever imbibed! The green sparkles and undulates in this delightfully effervescent booch. All flavor notes mentioned its title are present, but it was the gentle ever-present honey flavor note that won me over after each sip. At 6% ABV, it’s a very gentle ride.

Upon tagging June Shine on Instagram, they sent me back a DM telling me stock up, because once this is gone, it’s gone! This was produced in the spring, but I bought my can around September 1st. I better head over to Broadway Dive and pray that they have at least one more can, lest I miss out on another opportunity to indulge in this winning drink!

Coconut Ginger Matcha Hard Kombucha by June Shine x Matchabar
Coconut Ginger Matcha Hard Kombucha by June Shine x Matchabar

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