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…I have been looking for a lavender cider for AGES.

And by “ages”, I mean since last summer. Ha!

In all seriousness, I got on this odd kick for lavender cider last year. I can’t quite remember what spurred it, but I do remember being up way too late one night scouring Google for anything relative to the NYC area. Nothing came to fruition…heheh…until I found Fruition without even trying!

(I know, I know, I drive my followers away en masse with dumb word play, surely. Haaaa.)

Truth be told, I was at my local beer bar two days ago, hoping that they’d have cans of Citizen Cider’s Tulsi – which I’m wicked eager to try! – since Broadway Dive almost always has something from Citizen either on tap or in cans / bottles for sale, but I spied a few cans of Fruition : Lavender in their cider fridge, and felt like that was my destiny.

Fruition : Lavender by Citizen Cider

This cider was a wonderfully quenching pucker to it, almost a little Champagne-y, and it is not overloaded with lavender. You smell it when you bring the can to your mouth to take a sip, then it slightly dissipates until you taste the slight herbaceousness of it as you swallow. In my opinion, that’s PERFECT. Lavender can be overwhelming, and this cider hit the perfect balance of having it be present without knocking you on your ass. ๐Ÿ˜‚

I’m not sure that I’ve ever had a cider I’ve disliked from Citizen, and the winning streak has clearly continued! They utilized the lavender – Vermont-grown, by the way – wonderfully. Can’t wait until I can go up to their tasting room in Burlington, Vermont again – I highly recommend a visit if you’re in that area, with social distancing rules in effect as I type this, most likely!

Fruition : Lavender by Citizen Cider – and yes, my prop board was slightly tilted. How can you tell? ๐Ÿ˜‚

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