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I’ll go on the record to say that Austin Eastciders is one of my favorite cideries in the country. Always happy, always pleased, and always eager for the autumn when they release their Spiced Cider. (Oh yeah, you WILL be seeing me post about that a few months down the road!)

The folks at Austin Eastciders have a great line-up, flavors to please the dry cider lovers and the fruity cider lovers. Me? I’ll take any of ’em, and the Blood Orange cider is excellent. Whether it’s a cold winter Sunday brunch at a bar eating nachos while a football game is on*, of if it’s a stifling hot summer’s day and you’re winding down after a long work day, Blood Orange satisfies. While some flavors are seasonal – I’m not sure I’d be as tempted to drink their (or any) watermelon-flavored cider during the winter – citrus is a flavor that transcends seasons.

Blood Orange Cider by Austin Eastciders

For me, the hit of citrus doesn’t come when it first hits the lips, but once it hits the back of my mouth. It’s pleasant, not too tart but it has that little bit of sour to complement the sweet. Zesty would be a great descriptor!

You really can’t go wrong keeping a good Blood Orange Ciders on hand!

InCider Info – tl;dr:

*- If you know me well enough, you know I’m ignoring the football game and focusing on the cider and nachos. HA!

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