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When I was in Connecticut visiting my parents a few weekends back, I safely took my mask off on a few occasions and sampled some new – to – me hard ciders in the safety of one of their many backyard porches. My hometown’s large wine & spirit shop – Stateline Wine & Spirits – often has a great selection of ciders to choose from. They’re usually local, as in NY State or New England-based – you’ll see a lot of King’s Highway and Citizen Cider – but every now and then, I’ll find a gem. This past weekend, that gem was Circling the Sun by Collective Brewing Co., a perfect cherry apple cider that goes hand in hand with a fully-in-swing cherry season.

Circling the Sun by Collective Arts Brewing Co.

Based out of Canada, this brewery not only has an impressive selection of beers (that I wish I could drink, but…you know…can’t, haha…) with highly unique and awe-inspiring artwork on their cans, but they have produced a few ciders, Circling the Sun making down to Connecticut for distribution. Their website boasts the use of Ontario Montmorency Cherry juice; in another cherry hard cider I’ve had recently, I also had Montmorency Cherry juice – Montmorency Cherry Cider by Slate Valley Cider, to be exact – so that must be a go-to cherry for cideries to use. With a nice dryness – and maybe a little bit too much foam on a few pours – this cider makes for a delightful summer afternoon sip. I left two cans of it at my parents’ house, and I can only hope they’ll be there again whenever I can return. Ha!

Circling the Sun by Collective Arts Brewing Co.

Next up, I finally sampled a can of King’s Highway Singapore Sling that I bought at Broadway Dive many months ago – I do literally mean in May – that I brought home to try. One, the can exploded on me when I opened it in a fashion so comical, it made me wish that someone had been secretly filming me. Once the suds subsided, I wiped down my arms and legs and poured what was left into a glass. Like Circling the Sun, there was cherry in this, though it was not the predominant extra fruity flavor note. Pineapple and lime were in the mix, but it was a light herbaceous gin botanicals that won me over. I have a love / hate relationship with gin, though, thanks to Drumshanbo Gin, which recently sent to me by a PR company I’ve done with with over the past two years, I’ve developed more of an appreciation of what a properly made gin should be. I noted that with the Singapore Sling. The botanicals were a tad bitter, but not off-putting. If anything, they made the drink more refreshing.

Singapore Sling by King’s Highway Fine Cider

Needless to say, I got in some good summertime drinks while I was in Connecticut. With this pandemic, I can only hope I get another chance this summer to sample to ciders while in the comfort of my childhood backyard! Time will tell…as well as coronavirus transmission rates. Haaa.

InCider Info – tl;dr:

InCider Info – tl;dr:

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