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Welcome to my first edition of InCider Info, a feature within Seek Satiation where I will share some of my favorite hard ciders! (And if you still choose to stick with me despite this deliciously horrible pun, you’re a real one. Ha!)

Though I largely lean towards a drier and / or sour cider on the whole, one with an undeniable fruity kick tends to win me over. Welcome Guava Cider by Ace Cider. Most ciders I’ve had by Ace have been palate pleasing; my love for their Pineapple Cider proves my point when it comes to falling head over heals for a great fruity cider. Their seasonal Pumpkin Cider is always a subtlety-spiced comfort during the autumn. When I see an Ace variety is available at a bar, I have faith that I’ll be satisfied at the least and seriously impressed at the most.

Y’all, this one actually blew me away!

Ace Guava Cider
Ace Guava Cider

As New York City bars grapple with this pandemic and its restrictions – speak of the devil, Phase 2 started just yesterday! – I’ve long been loyal to the Dive Bar family, with their multiple locations peppered throughout the Upper West Side. I currently live one block from the homey Broadway Dive, but I love to stroll up to Dive 106 on 106th & Amsterdam when I need to stretch my legs after a long day of working from home. Upon my most recent visit, a display can of the Guava stood out. I asked the bartender his opinion, and he said it had been selling like hot cakes! Well, my decision was easy!

The first sip was indubitably tropical. The subtle tartness made me salivate. The apple flavor? It was largely absent to me, with the top-billed Brazilian Pink Guava guava being the undeniable star, but it did not bother me in the least. Extremely drinkable and very refreshing, I immediately regretted not buying another can! The relatively low ABV of 5% won’t knock you down, so you can sit back and enjoy on a hot summer day.

Add Guava Cider by Ace Cider to your “Summer Drinks” list! I’m sure I will be revisiting this cider innumerable times before September 23rd.

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