Just weeks ago, I doubt a single person in New York City could have conceived the idea of being in the epicenter of a global pandemic. The ways I’ve seen most people rally together has brought me hope. My guy, boroughbred in Manhattan, has noted that this camaraderie has invoked a sense of what it felt like to him post-9/11. We’re all in this together, and willing to lend our neighbors a helping hand.

People that follow Seek Satiation are aware that I am a healthcare worker. (And if you don’t know, now you know!) I have been working at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital since 2009, with 9 & ½ of those years working in the Department of Infection Prevention & Control; though I do not work in that department currently, I am still aligned with them in my current role and still consider myself as one of their team. (#workframily) The first 4 & ½ years in the department involved me teaching and enforcing proper hand hygiene techniques to frontline healthcare workers, as well as proper ways to don and doff (read: put on and take off) PPE. We are now living in a world where hand hygiene is more important than ever, where wearing a face covering outside is temporarily the new normal, and where I have to restrain myself from lecturing people using disposable gloves incorrectly. (Read: About 99% of people I see. 😆) Who knew that a job so many people thought was strange…well, it’s all coming full circle now! I’m proud of the work I did then, and I am proud of the work our whole department is still doing. I’m proud of the work my current analytics team is doing. I’m proud of all of NYP’s frontline workers. I’m proud of frontline workers across the globe! 

Observing the support of healthcare workers has been heartening. Restaurants have been fueling them through exceedingly long work days with free meals, largely in part of donations from our communities. Some businesses have been raising money to support them in other ways, such as sending straight-up monetary donations and PPE. Last but certainly not least, beyond but possibly including healthcare workers, many of our neighbors are struggling to eat. Donations to food banks and food services are essential to keep those struggling with food insecurity fed during this uncertain time.

Above are just a handful of the businesses supporting healthcare workers via donations: Radio City Pizza, Mimi Cheng’s, Field Trip, & Birch Coffee.

Here is a list of some businesses to shout out, and it is by no means all-inclusive. If you are a restaurant or business supporting the frontlines during this time, please shoot me an e-mail so I can include you on this list! 

(List Updated: April 27th, 2020Click on business name to link to donation page! Links are subject to change; please contact the business or organization directly if you have any questions.)

Food Banks & Soup Kitchens To Donate To:

  • Food Bank for NYC: Cheers to everyone working extra hard at FB for NYC during this pandemic! Please support all of their efforts.
  • Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen: HASK is raising money through their Operation HopeFULL campaign. HASK has been providing meals to anyone that needs one – no questions asked – every weekday for 38+ years, and COVID-19 will not stop them. Please make a donation here to this wonderful organization that I’ve been affiliated with since 2018.
  • Queens Together: Donations to Queens together can help families in need of a meal, as well as frontline hospital workers and military medical professionals!

Hospitals To Donate To:

  • NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital: Donations to help the frontline staff at NYP can be made here, with donations going towards free meals, snacks, and well-being resources.

Restaurants / Cafes To Donate To:

Located in the Bronx:

  • Port Morris Distillery: PMD is currently accepting donations to go towards hand sanitizer production to be used for all essential jobs.

Located in the Bronx & Manhattan:

  • Buunni Coffee: One of my favorite cafes from my many years living in Washington Heights & Inwood – with a great location up in Riverside, Bronx as well – you can donate $25 to send 96 oz. of coffee (plus cups, sugar, milk, et al) to frontline workers working at Northern Manhattan and Bronx Hospitals.

Located in Brooklyn:

  • Kings County Distillery: Kings County Distillery has switched its operations to hand sanitizer production. They are accepting donations to provide product to frontline workers and all essential workers, including those working in nursing homes, police departments, delivery drivers, and restaurant workers making meals for frontline workers. (See? It all comes full circle!)

Located in Long Island:

  • Borrelli’s Italian Restaurant: Over 2,500 meals have been served to frontline workers from this East Meadow, NY Italian restaurant! Click the link to donate via their Facebook donation campaign and feed our Long Island frontline colleagues.

Located in Manhattan:

  • Dan & John’s Wings: Join in on the Front Line Wings initiative, and Dan & John’s Wings will delivery wings weekly to frontline workers!
  • Dough Doughnuts: With Frontline Sweet Support, you can donate to give frontline workers a sweet treat with some delicious Dough Doughnuts.
  • Eat Gai: Make a donation to their Feed The Healthcare campaign; for as little as $15 dollars, you can feed a healthcare worker.
  • Everyman Espresso: A donation will send some much-needed and appreciated caffeine to our frontline workers.
  • Field Trip: Make a donation that will help provide a bowl to many of our frontline staff working uptown and in the Bronx. You can pick which hospital to send meals to, or select “Chef’s Choice”.
  • Fields Good Chicken: “Give a cluck” might be my new favorite term, ha! As little as $10 will provide one nourishing meal for a healthcare worker via their Birds For Good fundraising campaign!
  • Forever Coffee: This Washington Heights-based café is accepting donations to bring Irving Farm Coffee to the frontlines. Make a single donation of any amount, OR sign up for recurring $5 / week donations or $25 / month donations!
  • Harlem Shake: Send a delicious Hero Burger to the hard-working staff at Harlem Hospital, and the fries are on Harlem Shake!
  • Mimi Cheng’s: Mimi Cheng’s has created a Dumplings for Doctors campaign, a delicious way to feed our healthcare workers!
  • Tony Di Napoli’s: If you sponsor a meal for $25, Tony di Napoli’s will match a meal and deliver to NYC hospitals!

Located in Manhattan, With Additional Outerborough & Tri-State Locations:

  • Birch Coffee: Birch Coffee is accepting donations to give coffee to our frontline workers, starting at $20 for five cold brews or $200 for a cold brew keg that can serve over 60 people!
  • Chopt Creative Salad Co. & Dos Toros: Working collaboratively, Chopt & Dos Toros have helped raise over $250k to launch and support a “Feed the Frontline” initiative. The webpages also display their running tally of donated meals!
  • Fresh & Co.: You can buy a gratitude meal for someone you know working hard on the frontlines! Click here to place an order to select from one of their three $10 options from their Gratitude Meals menu. 
  • Junzi Kitchen: For every $10 donation, a meal will be donated to frontline workers across various NYC Hospitals, as well as Yale-New Haven in Connecticut. Click here to make a donation towards meals; as of April 21st, more than 1,300 have already been donated.
  • Melt Shop: Donate meals to frontline workers through their Melt It Forward fundraising campaign. 100% of proceeds go directly to feeding frontline workers; $10 provides a meal for one person.
  • Pizza For The Heroes: Many pizzerias have teamed up to donate to local hospitals, including my favorite pizza place in all of NYC, Mama’s Too! Other pizzerias involved have been Joe’s Pizza, L&B Spumoni Gardens, Prince Street Pizza, and Amore. Please make a donation to this volunteer effort today!
  • Radio City Pizza: RCP is working in collaboration with other restaurants in NYC and Long Island to help feed our frontline workers across the region!
  • S’MAC: Help frontline workers get some delicious mac & cheese! Purchase a gift card from their website, then shoot them an e-mail to let the staff know to apply it to feeding the frontlines.

Located in New Jersey:

  • Bang Bang Chicken & Rock City Pizza Co.: The Founders of Ani Ramen in Jersey City have come up with the “Be Awesome, Feed Somebody” initiative to help feed the frontline and our public servants! You can donate $8 towards a pizza or a chicken & rice dish.

Located in Queens:

  • Queens Feeds Hospitals: A network of Queens-based restaurants are working to feed frontline workers across all of Queens. The website will show you the list of 30+ restaurants involved, as well as donors so far.
  • Tea and Milk: You can currently order DIY Bubble Tea Kits from Tea and Milk, and the proceeds are broken down to help support the staff of Tea and Milk, to donate drinks to NYC-area hospitals, and to help provide PPE. FYI: A friend of mine in Connecticut ordered one for her daughter, and it was a big hit. 😊

Additional Businesses to Donate To:

  • Skill Mill NYC: Skill Mill NYC, on the Upper West Side, has been taking donations to create 3D printed laser-cut face shields for healthcare workers. There is no cost to the recipients! $20 covers supplies for five protective face shields.
  • Sky Blue Cleaners: Sky Blue Cleaners in Harlem has been creating fabric face masks for both children and adults. I can personally attest to how happy I am with mine: I bought five for myself, those in my household, and I mailed two to my parents up in Connecticut! Additionally, I know 4 other people that have purchased their masks based on my recommendation. 10% of proceeds from mask sales go to support the frontline at Harlem Hospital. (Note: They do sell out, but check back, as they do re-stock. Bookmark their webpage!)

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