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Seek Satiation – Cruising Towards Version 2.0!

Hello there, Satiation Seekers! Allison here!

You may be thinking…where did all of the recipes go? Why does the website look a little strange and empty with a bunch of broken links?

I am currently in the (SLOW!) process of updating this website to a new version, which…I wanted to do back in 2016, but, what’s waiting another 3 years to do it? HA!

In the meantime, be sure to follow me on Instagram for current content and updates. I’m still also posting monthly recipes over on Yoga By Candace, because I LOVE being part of that YBC® team. ❤️

Please click here to access some of my most popular recipes.

Oh, and here is some bomb ice cream from Jacques Torres Chocolate in DUMBO that I photographed, because we’ve gotta keep this summer endless. Plus, that baby dripppp…

Enjoy the rest of this #hotgirlsummer , y’all! ✌️

  • Allison ☺️
Jacques Torres Chocolate – They have some amazing ice cream flavors!

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