Seek Satiation – 2018 Recap!

Happy New Year, y’all!

Things have been busy for Seek Satiation in 2018, despite the relative quietness over on this site.

Lemme break it DOWN.

Seek Satiation Flip Sigi
Enjoying a 3-person helping of food at Flip Sigi all by myself.

1.) I’ll say this much: This Seek Satiation website is getting a bit of a revamp! I’m working with a talented group of people – I may be biased, haha – towards a sleeker version, as this current version, well, was never the intended final version. Ha! Be on the lookout for that sooner than later!

2.) I’ll admit: My recipe development for this site has gone down a tad. Could you tell? Haaa. Conversely, I’ve been making more recipes for other sites, such as Yoga By Candace. Check out my Pear, Persimmon, & Pepita Baked Oatmeal HERE. I’ll continue to do fewer recipes here while I create for other sites, and I am, frankly, very content in doing that! I know I’ve said this before – broken record, right here – but when I first started this site, I wanted to post at least three recipes a week like other food bloggers, but a full-time job and limited natural light really put the kibosh on that. I’ve learned that I am happy making fewer recipes that are excellent quality than pumping out mediocre ones to try and keep up with the imaginary blogger race in my head. More recipes will be coming in 2019, but only when I know they are good enough to share.

STATS! I’m actually fairly impressed: Despite only posting 18 times in 2018 vs. 44 in 2017, my views and visitors were still higher than 2016 when I posted 65 times! In 2018, I gathered 12,056 unique visitors and 16,521 views. In 2017, for comparison, I had 17,410 unique visitors and 22,392 views. My dear single-serve shakshuka recipe got 8,011 views. (Skip down to #5, which definitely gave the ol’ gal a boost.) I guess that goes to show that I have many recipes that still drive a fair amount of traffic to my site…and I might have pulled in numbers equal or higher to 2017 if I had posted even more! *shrug* I’m rather pleased with my 2018 stats, when all is said and done.

3.) Instagram has really been in the driver’s seat this year, something I am not upset about, either. Everything evolves, and despite the damn algorithm, my Instagram feed for Seek Satiation is where I get the most engagement! I look forward to continuing to produce quality and thoughtful content for that feed. I’ve certainly made a lot of connections and friends via Instagram, and for that I am thankful!

4.) I’ve made my first sponsored posts this year! Cide Road Switchel and I ended up falling in love with each other, and I could not be happier to promote a small brand of delicious switchel that I truly enjoy. Check out one of my Instagram posts HERE! True Story: I’ve been offered sponsorships with larger nationally-known brands for a few hundred bucks a pop. I’ve turned them down. Most people would think I’m nuts, but why would I promote a well-known beer company on my website or social media if I litearlly can not drink beer due to my brewer’s yeast allergy? YAHHHH NOOOO.

5.) I finally had a recipe appear in a Buzzfeed article! Good ol’ single-serve shakshuka, is there anything you CAN’T do?

My cash cow. HA!

I’m feeling good about Seek Satiation in 2019. Honestly, the pressure is off. Now that I’ve embraced a “I’ll do what makes me happy!” attitude about it, it’s made running it much more enjoyable. I’m excited to see what I’ll end up eating, crafting, and photographing as we move along!


– Allison


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