blue potato and sweet corn hash

Blue Potato & Sweet Corn Hash

I’ve been on a sweet potato kick as of late, and when I say as of late, I mean the past year or so. I eat sweet potatoes at least three times a week. It’s just so easy to chop them up or spiralize them! I can have them for dinner one night and have enough leftovers for two or three lunches for the week! Frankly, I’m surprised that I don’t glow orange by now.

blue potato and sweet corn hash

Blue potatoes are an item I don’t get too often, and why I say they are an item I don’t get too often, I don’t think I’ve ever bought any before. Ha! The closest I’ve come is buying the occasional bag of of Terra blue potato chips over the years. I’ve had no real reason to buy them. Hell, I didn’t have a good reason when I bought them at the farmers’ market by Columbia University yesterday morning. ‘Twas mere impulse.

blue potato and sweet corn hash

There was still quite a bit of summer fare at both the Columbia and Inwood greenmarkets this weekend, though the tomatoes weren’t looking as hardy, and the cobs of corn were looking a little worse for wear. I picked up one last ear of corn along with my blue potatoes, not having a plan to combine them into a dish. Inspiration simply struck when I got home. I was going to make oatmeal with pumpkin and apples for breakfast, but a hearty craving hit me.

blue potato and sweet corn hash

This is, literally, a two ingredient dish, save for oil and salt. Once I started to dream up this combination, I though, “Onions! Peppers!” I looked in the fridge. I had neither. Was I going to go back outside to walk to the store? NOPE. Living on the 4th floor of a 5-story walk-up makes you incredibly lazy sometimes. Haaa.


This makes a great side dish with a nice egg, but it works very well on its own, as well. I had two servings, and it powered me through my morning. It’d probably go lovely with a nice cut of meat and a salad too, if you are feeling omnivorous.

Blue Potato & Sweet Corn Hash
(Makes 4 servings as a side dish)


– 3 small blue potatoes (equivocal to a potato roughly the size of your fist or smaller)
– 1 ear sweet corn, kernels cut off of cob or one 14 oz. can sweet corn, drained and rinsed
– 2 tablespoons olive oil
– 3 cups water
– Salt, to taste

Before We Get Started…

– In the directions, you’ll see that I’ve said to boil the potatoes. You may be tempted to say, “Screw it. I’m just going to cook the potatoes straight up!” Let me tell you: BOIL THE POTATOES! My first attempt at this recipe involved me cooking the potatoes raw in the pan, and I had a HELL of a time scraping all of the gunk out of the bottom of my frying pan afterwards. After boiling the potatoes on my second attempt, they still stuck a bit, but not nearly as badly as they did when I cooked them raw.

– Based on the preceding information, use a non-stick pan for this hash. Thank me later.


1.) Place water into a medium saucepan and bring to a slow boil.

2.) If using fresh corn, husk ear, remove silk, and carefully cut off corn kernels. Set aside. If using canned corn, drain corn and set aside.

3.) Dice potatoes into bite-sized pieces. Place potatoes in a colander and rinse until cold water. Add to boiling water and turn down to medium heat. Cook for approximately 7 minutes or until potatoes are becoming fork tender but are still slightly resistant when trying to mash with a fork. (Does that make sense? Haha…) Place potatoes back in colander and allow to drain for at least five minutes. If potatoes retain too much surface moisture, blot with a paper towel or a clean dish towel.

4.) In a large non-stick pan, add olive oil. Turn heat to medium. Add potatoes when oil starts to shimmer. Stir and cook until potatoes begin to crisp up and slightly brown; cook potatoes to your liking! (I like crispier potatoes and cooked for 10 minutes.) Once potatoes are cook to your liking, add corn and salt (to taste) and cook for one more minute. Remove from heat and serve immediately.

blue potato and sweet corn hash


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