New Recipes – Coming September 20th!

Hey, all! I hate to leave you guys in a lurch, thinking, “Gee. Allison hasn’t posted in a while!”

Well, as any New Yorker knows, things happen in our apartments that are a bit out of our control.

What’s out of my control at this moment?

There is a bit of a roach infestation in my kitchen, so about 95% of my cooking items are packed away, inclusive of baking ware, most dishes, and a lot of perishable baking items. I’m waiting for an exterminator to come this week to rectify this situation.

This is what happens when you live in a building circa 1929 that has been renovated, yet the renovators paid no mind to properly seal up cracks behind your sink and stove. Haaa.

This weekend, I am lucky enough to be going to Connecticut for a two day photography job; I am hoping to bang out two or three recipes using my parents’ vermin-free kitchen and wonderful natural lighting while I’m up there!

I’m too concrete and feel it’s necessary to post why there hasn’t been a new recipe posted in nine days and why there won’t be a recipe for another week. Ha!

Bear with me, my lovely followers. I’ll be helping you stuff your faces again before you know it! Please following along on Instagram for my continual gastronomic pornography, and if you have Snapchat, my username is allisonac84; I will warn you, it’s food photos mixed with the personal random musings of my life. If you enjoy seeing people lip sync bad pop songs using the deer filter, you may like my feed. Ha!

In the mean time, I’ma just be sippin’ iced matchas and enjoying this late summer weather.

Well, I might go to work at some point, too. I’m sure my bosses would appreciate that.

Peace, love, and Happy Monday, y’all!

– Allison 🙂


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