Matcha Maple Soda

Hey, Mariko. Good news: I finally put a search box on my site so you can look up all of my matcha recipes! This is…well, my second. Ha!

I love a good matcha latte. I’ve spent copious amounts of money stocking good matcha and milk in my kitchen, and I am a loyal customer two of NYC’s premier matcha-slingin’ cafes: MatchaBar and Chalait. I love the creaminess of the latte, as it cuts down on the occasional earthiness of the matcha, depending on its grade. Matcha mixed with simply water, well, that is something I am attempting to like. I’ve been trying to get creative with how I drink it. Effervescent was a good route for me to try.

I still love my milky matcha, but this is undeniably refreshing.


Pinkies up! (Though…I admittedly failed to do so in this particular photo. Heh.)

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Matcha Maple Soda
(Serves 1)


– 2 teaspoons matcha powder, grade of your choice
– 2 tablespoons water, just below boiling
– 1 to 2 cups club soda or seltzer
– 1 tablespoon maple syrup

Before We Get Started…

– The proportions of this drink can be easily altered, depending on how rich in flavor you want this drink to be. I encourage you to experiment until you find a balance of soda, matcha, and maple syrup that you like! In the photos above, for comparison, I used 1 cup of club soda. If matcha tends to be strong for you, I’d suggest starting with a cup of club soda or seltzer and adding more until you enjoy the flavor.

– If maple syrup isn’t your jam, a sweetener of your choice may be substituted. Honey may be too viscous, and I wouldn’t not suggest it; simple syrup is a great alternative.


1.) In a small pan, bring water just below boiling. Turn off heat. Add matcha powder and whisk until combined.

2.) In a tall glass, add club soda or seltzer. Gently pour matcha into glass; it may bubble, so take care to pour slowly. Using a straw or spoon, gently mix maple syrup into the glass. Drink immediately! (But please, be sure to savor it.)

– – – –

Thanks to my dear friend Krystal of Krystal Balzer Photography for giving my tired face a quick touch up!

– – – –


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