berry oatmeal smoothie

Berry Oatmeal Smoothie

Surely, I’m not the only person in the world that has made an excellent smoothie from random fruits, veggie, et al in my kitchen, right?

Originality is not my strong suite in this posting. Haaa.

This past Monday, I took a day off of work. I spent the day doing laundry along some spring cleaning and reorganization in my bedroom. Noon rolled around, and I knew the grumbles I felt in my stomach weren’t good ones. Conversely, with me having to run back and forth between the laundromat on my street corner, I didn’t want to whip out the heavier artillery and make a sizable Monday brunch.

Blessed be frozen berries, almond milk, chia seeds, oranges, skyr, and oats, as well as the blender that pulverizes them together into a gorgeous purple viscous liquid.


I like adding oats to my smoothies. It gives them more bulk and an extra shot of fiber. It makes me feel healthier, especially if I had a giant handful of Cadbury Mini Eggs hours prior to consuming this smoothie. Heh…

Berry Oatmeal Smoothie
(Serves One)


– 1 cup frozen berries (your choice!)
– 1 cup milk (dairy or non-dairy)
– Juice of one orange
– 2 tablespoons plain Greek yogurt or skyr (omit if making vegan version)
– 2 heaping tablespoons rolled oats
– 1 teaspoon chia seeds (optional)
– Sweetener of choice, to taste

Before We Get Started…

– Be warned: If using seeded frozen berries (raspberries and / or strawberries) and chia seeds, the mixture has a very, well, seedy texture. If you prefer a smoother smoothie, omit chia seeds and / or use blueberries.

-If omitting yogurt to make a vegan version, increase the amount of oats by one tablespoon to add a little bit more bulk, if preferred.


1.) Combine all ingredients in a blender; blend on high until desired consistency. Serve immediately. Ponder why you needed to read directions as to how to blend a smoothie and / or ponder why Allison bothered to create directions on how to blend a smoothie. Shrug and decided that someone needed to know. Drink. Enjoy!


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