2015 – Year In Review


I finally started that food blog I’ve been talking about for a good five years now!

Life kept getting in the way. I was settling into life in Manhattan. I was working hard at my job. I was looking for new jobs. I was finding love. I was getting my heart broken. I was dealing with anxiety. I was plugging away at an intensive two-year master’s degree program while working a 40 hour a week job. I was getting my ass kicked by adulthood. I was having too much fun. I was finding myself.

All of that got in the way, or so I thought.

Once I got that “just do it” mentality in my head, I did it, and I am so damn happy.

Creating recipes, cooking them, photographing them, and seeing them come to realization is a true passion of mine. I find it both stimulating and relaxing at the same time. This blog has not only helped me to feel centered, but has allowed me to meet many wonderful people, both in person and via the wonders of social media. I’ve made connections and have been invited to wonderful events in which I’ve been able to see fellow food bloggers and food influencers in action. Best of all, I started to see my recipes featured in places such as FoodGawker, feedfeed, and Brit + Co. Features such as that really made me heart flutter!

I’ve got a slew of new recipes queued up to go over the next few weeks. I’m going strong into 2016 with recipes with carrots, cardamom, and cocktails. (Those three are not mutually exclusive, rather separate recipes. Ha! Though, perhaps a carrot-based cocktail with cardamom may rock this world…)

Also, a new look will be coming soon, hopefully in February or March. A pink and teal layout was never my initial plan, but, deadlines to go live loomed. Ha! I always knew this layout would be V.1, but I’m excited for what V.2 is going to look like!

Have a great night, a wonderful start to 2016. Cheers!



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