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Waffled Cinnamon Rolls

I am not a fan of prepacked foods, on the whole. Even if it is a frozen dinner with contents that are wholly organic, GMO-free, and shipped from a small village in Central America, I won’t bite. I prefer to spend time making my food and honestly don’t like shortcuts, even if a homemade meal takes up a little more time. Any soup from a can, I can make myself. Any vegetables from a freezer bag, I can dice up their fresh counterparts. Any store-bought box of mac and cheese, I can make a homemade version of in virtually the same amount of time. (My Classic Mac & Cheese recipe is the best! That isn’t bragging, but merely a fact.)


Give me a can of cinnamon rolls, and I’ll eat all eight without blinking an eye. I’m not even sure if I chew them sometimes. I go home and I go hard. 

About a year ago, I considered the idea of placing cinnamon rolls on a waffle iron, because why not? I see blog posts and Instagram photos of waffled foods more often than I used to. Ask me what I’ve seen. Go ahead! Waffled hash browns? Waffled scrambled eggs? Waffled rice cakes? Waffled falafel? Yep! I feel like I’ve seen it all!  So why not try to waffle a pre-packaged chemical-laden glob of flour, butter, sugar, and cinnamon? The results came out pretty wonderfully the first time, and subsequent times have proved to be just as good. Where most canned cinnamon rolls require a baking time of 15 – 20 minutes, on average, these waffled cinnamon rolls take roughly 2 – 3 minutes, depending on the waffle iron. I usually can squeeze two to three on the iron, so with a pack of five, I’m done in about 10 minutes. I appreciate a quicker baking to mouth time.

I’m definitely Sandra Leeing this recipe. I am also using Sandra Lee as a verb, unabashedly.

cinnamon rolls

Be sure to smother these babies in lots of icing and rainbow sprinkles. You are worth it!

Waffled Cinnamon Rolls
(Serving Size dependent on quantity of cinnamon rolls purchased!)

– 1 five to eight roll package of cinnamon rolls
– 1 container of icing (use what came with the cinnamon rolls, or make your own!)
– Copious amounts of rainbow sprinkles
– Non-stick oil spray

Before We Get Started…

– Everyone’s waffle irons surely work a little differently; sometimes, the first batch will come out perfect, but the second batch may come out a little bit crispy as the iron continues to heat up. Be sure to keep a close eye on the rolls as you cook them, as slight burning is possible.

– Spray the iron with non-stick oil spray between each batch.


1.) Heat waffle iron according to manufacturer’s directions.

2.) Liberally spray each side of the waffle iron with non-stick oil spray.

3.) Place one to three cinnamon rolls on the waffle iron, depending on the size of the iron. Note: Cinnamon rolls will flatten and likely merge slightly with other rolls. Be sure to space them slightly apart. Rolls can be cut apart after cooking.

4.) Remove cinnamon rolls from waffle iron. Ice immediately. Add sprinkles.

5.) Repeat Steps #2 through #4 for any remaining cinnamon rolls.

Note: Apologies for iPhone photos! I had a Nikon D90 at my disposal on the day I photographed this recipe, but the focuses, both manual and auto, were messed up. Luckily, the natural lighting was good enough that I subbed in my iPhone, then drowned my sorrows induced by borrowing an ill-functioning DSLR by eating a bunch of waffled cinnamon rolls.

The struggle is real, people…


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