End of Summer Musings – See Y’all In September!

Hey, y’all.

This summer has…well…been an interesting one.

A large chunk of this season has been fighting to sign a lease to live in the apartment I’ve already lived in for a year (because New York City); once I finally sign it tomorrow, after five weeks of ridiculousness, the celebration will be glorious and bawdy. Believe it or not, cheers to the broker who stopped my management company from trying to charge me a broker’s fee for a place I’ve been living at! (I reiterate…New York City…)

This, on top of general work stress and bits of stress from a few people in my circle, my anxiety has been on fleek. That’s actually not a good thing. Haaa. I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and I have no issue sharing that. It is what it is, ya know? When I am anxious, I don’t like to eat. When I don’t like to eat, I certainly don’t cook. If I don’t want to be near food, how the hell will I find the strength within myself to make a recipe? I’d rather be curled up on the couch, eating a few slices of cheddar cheese while watching episodes of “Rick & Morty“. (Because I’m almost 31.)

A night of hummus creation at Semsom Eatery.

A night of hummus creation at Semsom Eatery.

Well, I may not be cooking en masse, but I have been developing recipes. I’ve happened upon a few events in the city this summer that have inspired me. A Yelp Elite Event allowed me to create some cool hummus recipes at a hands-on session at Semsom Eatery. I was introduced to pomegranate molasses, and I did make my own. I have a homemade jar literally chillin’ in my fridge as we speak! I may have to marry some more hummus and molasses together for a cool creation in the next few weeks. Also, my quest for squash blossoms at a farmer’s market is still going strong, but I have come up fruitless. (Rather, flowerless?) I have too many ideas regarding what to do with those. I’m also attempting to create a creamy chai drink that may border summer and autumn, as I could see it working hot or cold. (Oh, decisions, decisions…)

Well, in the mean time, I’m just going to sit here, take some deep breaths, hope that my anxiety starts to ebb rather than flow soon, and I’ll see you fine folks with some new recipes after Labor Day, I promise.

In the meantime, enjoy my feed of hedonistic food porn on Instagram – seeksatiation – which stays poppin’, regardless.


Peace, my fellow food babes! Cheers until September!


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